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Solar fireworks Christmas light - 90/120/150 LED

Solar fireworks Christmas light - 90/120/150 LED

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Waterproof solar Christmas lights

Christmas is a feeling, not a season. 

Take back this 2022 Christmas to its origin and don't let the electricity shortage ruin your Christmas feeling.

Bright Xmas is here just to help you, your shop and your family live the real Christmas you deserve. 

Our vast collection is completely customizable for every little need, whether it's for your home or your shop, we're here to meet all our customer's needs.

Let's take our loved bright Christmas back!

The solar firework Christmas lights are simply the led lights that we all already have at home, but even though they are LED, keeping them on all night long will still significantly increase your electricity bill. That's why we want to help you avoid it by using the power of the sun, even in Winter.


All our leds are made out of strong waterproof resistant materials, so that we can provide you with the best quality products.

They all have a 600mah/1.2v Lithium battery that is able to provide current for the whole night.

Shipping & Returns

Bright Xmas's order generally arrive within just 1 to 4 weeks.

It will be there for december!!


Refunds are admitted if the product was already defected when arrived. View our FAQ page for more info.

30 days money back or new product guaranteed.


75 cm height

Instructions of use

All our products have the same mission: make your life easier and stressless.

That's why all our products are completely ready to install.

Just place the solar panel in an area that gets enough direct light and you're done.

The LEDs gets charged during the day and when it gets darker enough they automatically light up for the whole night.

Charging: all day (12h)

Working time: all night (8h)

(Ps. Avoid places with shadows and remember that the battery has to charge via solar panel, so don't be worried if they don't light up the very first night)

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